The 3rd RRI Industrial IoT International Symposium for Connected Industries

12:30 – 13:00


13:00 – 13:10

Announcement for part II , Dr. Tomoaki Kubo (Secretary General, RRI )

13:10 – 13:45

Keynote Speech

“Arena 2036 : A pilot of the Flexible factory” (Fraunhofer IPA) (TBC)

13:45 – 14:45

[Session 1] Future image of Manufacturing and Service with IIoT

Moderator: Naoaki Fujino (Leader of Intelligence and marketing team,RRI/ NRI)

1.        Czech’s insight   (10 min.)

Dr. Roman Holý (Director, National Center for Industry 4.0)

2.        Sweden’s insight (10 min.)

Mr. Johan Harvard (Head of Section -Connected Industry / new materials, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation)

3.       Japanese insight  (10 min.)

Mr. Toru Ishikuma (Head of Usecase Taskforce, RRI/ Azbil)

Panel Discussion      (30 min.)

(Arena 2036, Germany) (TBC)

Dr. Roman Holý

Mr. Johan Harvard

Mr. Toru Ishikuma

14:45 – 14:55


14:55 – 15:55

[Session 2] Harmonizing Smart Manufacturing Standards with usecases

Moderator: Prof. Fumihiko Kimura (Chairman of International Security AG,RRI/ The Univ. of Tokyo)

1.        Practical application of open Asset Administration Shell                              (10 min.)

Dr. Ulrich Löwen (Siemens)

2.        Germany – Japan standardization experts collaboration on creating usecases    (10 min.)

Mr. Toru Ishikuma (Head of Usecase Taskforce, RRI/ Azbil)

3.        Clarifying and Assisting Smart Manufacturing standardization with URM-MM   (10 min.)

Dr. Youichi Nonaka (Leader of IEC/SEG7 TT3, RRI/ Hitachi)

Panel Discussion                                                                              (30 min.)

Dr. Ulrich Löwen

Mr. Toru Ishikuma

Dr. Youichi Nonaka

15:55 – 16:55

[Session 3] Extracting Industrial Security Issues with usecases

Moderator: Prof. Tsutomu Matsumoto (Chairman of Industrial Security AG,RRI/ Yokohama National Univ.)

1.        German updates                                            (10 min.)

Dr. Wofgang Klasen(Siemens)

2.        EU updates                                                  (10 min.)

Mr. Thomas Walloschke (Fujitsu,AIOTI)

3.        Industrial security on a cross organization usecase

Dr. Takeshi Yoneda (iSec AG,RRI/ Mitsubishi Electric)        (10 min.)

Panel Discussion                                                (30 min.)

Dr. Wofgang Klasen

Mr. Thomas Walloschke

Mr. Steffen Zimmermann

Dr. Takeshi Yoneda

16:55– 17:00

Closing Remarks / Toshio Adachi (Management Secretary, RRI )

17:15 – 19:15

Presenters’ Reception (by Invitation)


Simultaneous Interpretation between English and Japanese will be prepared for all sessions (excluding reception

Ort: Tokyo, Japan