IRAM World Standards Day 2017

IRAM Celebration: World Standards Day 2017 in Buenos Aires
Whereas the issues on which the international Standardization is palying a very important role as well as two foci of particular interest to the authorities and the Business sector, such as the G20 Meeting to be Held in 2018 in Argentina and the efforts to improve institutional Performance in organisations such as the OECD, under the General title: Standards boost the digital world and institutional tansparency

The Intention is to develop two different thematic blocks whose common denominator is the development of technical Standards to address these issuesStandards boost institutional transparency:

Key Speaker: Reinhold Pichler, SCI 4.0

This second block will present the Tools already available and thopse that are in development, in the field of international Standardization of ISO, to Approach from the perspective of the Management those aspects that help to build the institutional transparency of the Organizations, both public and private. Topics addressed are:

  • Anti-bribery Management System
  • Compliance Management System
  • Organizational governance

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Ort: Buenos Aires, Argentinien